Baby Tephlet (grumsie) wrote,
Baby Tephlet

The things I could never say to you...thank god you would never think to read this...

For starters, I dont know if I still love you, so please dont ask me. You were a big part of what I thought I needed, but you left me to go nearly across the country to start your new life; therefore you didnt need me anyway. Yes, I may have showed you why these songs were written, but that doesnt mean shit anymore. I have started something new, something respectable, which means you should RESPECT it. If only I knew how to greet you at the door, when 4 months ago I was kissing you goodbye in an airport. How do I take your hold or even a kiss on the cheek? I have no idea what to think or say or do or anything like that...AHHHHHHHHHHHH.
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